May 15, 2021


2021 Burn Ban:
Effective 3-2-2021, “Open Burning” shall be defined as any outdoor fire, including but not limited to campfires, warming fires, charcoal grill fires, or the prescribed burning of fence rows, fields, wild lands, trash and debris. This resolution excludes fires contained within fireplaces and liquid-fueled stoves contained within all buildings, charcoal grill fires at private residences, and permanent fire pits or fire grates located on supervised developed picnic grounds and campgrounds.
This ban is effective immediately and until fire conditions improve.




After today’s department meeting on 3/21/2020 Walworth County is keeping the following guidelines until further notice:
THE WALWORTH COUNTY COURTHOUSE IS STARTING THE PROCESS OF OPENING UP. This will be a slow process to make sure the public and the county employees are being as safe as possible. We are highly recommending to still call and make an appointment or mail. We will only allow one person at a time in the offices, if the office you are needing to visit has one person in it we are asking that you wait in your car or outside the building. We are still recommending that the public and county employees follow CDC guidance, specifically social distancing of 6 feet, not enter the building if you are sick, wear a mask if you are going to an area with higher volume of people. Wash your hands frequently.


WEBSITE: – FAX:  605-649-7867

Auditor:  605-649-7878 or [email protected]

Treasurer:  605-649-7737 or [email protected]

Register of Deeds:  605-649-7057 or [email protected]

Assessor:  605-649-7602 or [email protected]

Extension:  605-649-7607 or [email protected]

Emergency Manager:  605-926-9020 or [email protected]




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