January 20, 2022


State Audit 2018-2019

Sheriff Sale Description 9-3-21
Cannabis Zoning Ordinance 072621 (002)
2021 Burn Ban:

The Burn Ban has been lifted as of  5-18-21.  The County is asking anyone planning a controlled burn to call the Mobridge PD @ 845-5000 to alert them of the location of the planned burn.  When burning is complete, please call the Mobridge PD back and let them know it has been extinguished.

WEBSITE:  walworthco.org – FAX:  605-649-7867

Auditor:  605-649-7878 or [email protected]

Treasurer:  605-649-7737 or [email protected]

Register of Deeds:  605-649-7057 or cthomason[email protected]

Assessor:  605-649-7602 or [email protected]

Extension:  605-649-7607 or [email protected]

Emergency Manager:  605-926-9020 or [email protected]





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